May 1, 2007 Retrieval from found in yahoo search of Taking Over the Human Mind Taking over the Entire Human Mind and the Internet: THE ULTIMATE INTENT
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Join John VanDenBerg in an online discussion to support people implementing wraparound planning in their schools and districts.  Please note: this discussion is not clinically focused, and John will not be able to respond to questions about individual children. However, a list of resources to address clinical needs will be available shortly.

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Taking Over the Entire Human Mind and the Internet

From: Taking over the entire Human Mind and Internet
Date: 8/7/2003
Time: 5:54:14 PM
Remote Name: a Sedona Az Internet Cafe162.42.82.34


Taking over the entire Human Mind and Internet Taking over the entire Human Mind and Internet AS Mortality Resolution International and Its Socialisation Strategies aspect The Children's Immortalisation Network; tHIS IS Destinial Engineering AND Prophecy Fulfillment BY Robert Ray Hedges
The Virtuebios rides the internet to give willing persons evolvingly accurate feedback on their Intention Relevance withing DeathWish Resolution Synergistics.
Parethicality applied internetedly to facilitate the Internationalization of Survival Aptitude in hopes of someday alleviating the problem of creating children just to kill them/ us! What do you think? Feel?


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